If you just bought your home, or you have lived there for a while, the best way to increase your home’s value is by coming up with a strategy! One of the most effective strategies a homeowner can do as an investment for the future is home improvement.

One of the best strategies for increasing the market value of your home is having a deliberate plan for all of the upgrades and remodels you plan on doing to your home. Most remodel, and home improvement projects cost about 30 cents on the dollar, with the remaining 70 or so percent going directly into the value of your home.

Start off slowly when planning your projects, I know it feels you need to remodel like it’s a dead sprint, but it’s a marathon, you have to take baby steps. Get to know your home, go through each room and see what you want to improve. Visualize the result. Don’t focus so much on the organization, just write all of your ideas down. Take a guess on your timetable for the renovation. If you’re planning on selling your home, find a reputable realtor and develop a selling strategy.

One of the best ways to develop a renovation plan is by organizing the list by time and cost. Remember to stay within budget and be realistic. Furthermore, once your list is made, prioritize what’s a must have and what’s more of a dream project, remember, home improvement is best if you can manage to come away with a reasonable balance.

Once you have a game plan set up, start your research. See what you can do yourself and what you might have to hire a professional for. Some improvements will bring considerable value to your home more than some improvements. The bathroom offers the highest rates of return on your investment. Don’t make the mistake of adding additions that yield a smaller rate of return. A bathroom remodel can increase the resale value of your home and make it much more appealing to potential buyers.

Experts in home renovation and real estate agents will tell you one of the fastest growing trends right now is replacing the regular, standard tub with large, oversized showers. Before you make any commitments to your remodel, do some research in your demographic and see what trends are popular. For example, the typical bathroom remodels costs around $10-15 thousand dollars. Adding amenities such as steam baths, saunas, and other steam fixtures, you’re looking at a $4,000 investment, but with all of the added benefits of having a steam stall in your home, you will significantly boost the value and the appeal of your home.

Steam fixtures are just shower enclosures that are equipped to deliver vaporized clouds of steam before, during, or after you take a shower. Installing a steam generator is a relatively simple process, most just require to be added to the existing plumbing, and a digital meter is connected to adjust the temperature and duration of your steam bath. Some models deliver steam in less than a minute.

Remodeling your bathroom and adding steam fixtures to your home is an outstanding way to increase the market value of your home. Be sure to research the trends in the demographic you live in and only invest in features that offer the highest returns.

Thank you to Nina Wells who wrote this article. Nina is a guest author from Steam Shower Store and is a respected and expert voice in a plethora of health related subjects with over 10 years of writing under her belt.